ORMSKIRK: Stanley grew up in the small town of Ormskirk, Lancashire. When he was 7, he won an art competition with a painting of a rabbit wearing braces in the snow. The local library judged it to be the perfect Winter calendar image, and his career was off to a flying start.

PRESTON: Stanley applied to art college and set off to do an art foundation course in Preston, Lancashire. First assignment was to hug a tree, then draw the tree. He knew he was going to like it here. He met some friends who loved The Pixies and Throwing Muses as much as he did, and a couple of them were vegetarian. The course only lasted a year but a big impression was made.

WOLVERHAMPTON: Arriving in the Black Country in 1991, Stanley perfected the art of looking away from the camera at the vital moment. Whilst studying for a degree in illustration, he announced to his family on Christmas Day that he was now vegetarian and would not be eating meat ever again. He stuck true to his word. The days were filled with art and the evenings with going to more gigs than can be remembered. 

LEEDS: Stanley followed some friends to Leeds in 1996 to join a band. Many hours were spent on the English motorways in clapped-out vans playing a mixture of great and terrible gigs. He played shows across the UK and at venues in Europe and USA before setting up his own recording studio. It was the dawn of the internet and the hidden horrors of the meat and dairy industries were beginning to be exposed. 

NOW: Leeds is home, it has been for a long time. Stanley became vegan in 2013, his only regret was not to have made the jump many years earlier. Like for so many people, just being vegan was not enough and it was time to get active. In 2016, combining his illustration skills and great love of animals, Stanley set about creating Just Like Me!

It took until 2018 until his debut book was released and it was received with a great response from the vegan community. The V-Cuts print series followed and then in 2021 the Mini-Vegan ABC arrived.