Mini-Vegan ABC


The Mini-Vegan ABC is a must-have book for your little ones as they start their own compassionate journeys. With simple easy-to-read text and quirky illustrations, it will charm children and adults alike.

Sensitively covering many aspects of the vegan lifestyle, this book will help parents approach ethical subjects that will boost a child’s confidence for starting school and beyond. A-Z themes include health, diet, dairy, fur, leather, activism, sanctuaries, the environment and... CAKE!

The book has been designed so you can investigate vegan values at your own pace. The alphabet looks at specific subjects, leaving it up to you and your child to discuss or move on to the next letter.

For example:D is for Dairy. Vegans don’t drink or eat dairy products because cow milk is for baby cows, not humans! Leave it at that simple message or chat a little more. Of course, your child may ask questions so be sure to top up on your V-education beforehand!

With interactive questions, fun-facts and did-you-knows added on to each spread, you'll find the Mini-Vegan ABC is empowering, educational and just as importantly... FUN!

ISBN13: 9781739295912
Ages 2+ years.
Size: A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)
Softback Cover: recycled 300gsm.
Inside pages: brilliant white smooth uncoated 160gsm.

This book does not contain any products of animal origin. Inks are made with synthetic polymers as is the glue used for bindings.

The book will be professionally packaged to reach you in perfect condition.