Tea Towel


The V-CUTS range is a great way to proudly promote veganism in your home and we'd like to welcome our latest shop addition - the high-quality, organic tea towel supplied in a cardboard sleeve.

Reclaiming traditional drawings from butcher-shop signs, we have changed the demeaning ‘cuts of meat’ labeling to the true values and descriptions that animals hold. The playful pig is loyal, kind and strong. The quirky chicken is social, clever and inquisitive. A very simple, but powerful message - 'this is a vegan kitchen'.

Everyone loves a tea towel don't they? Perfect for a kitchen of kindness!

Size: 500 x700mm (19.6 x 27.5inches)
Material: 100% organic cotton, 170gsm weight.
Supplied in 400gsm cardboard sleeve.
Folded size: 100 x 170mm

*** WHILE STOCKS LAST *** If you can see this message then you're in luck, we are also including a pack of six postcards with your order (worth £6.99)! These will look great in frames or why not hand out to your dinner guests - every bit of activism helps *** WHILE STOCKS LAST ***