The Book Deal - 1.2.FREE!


The Book Deal is here! Buy 'Just Like Me' with the 'Mini-Vegan ABC' and get the 'JLM-Colouring Book' for FREE! More information and photos are available on the item's individual page, but here is a quick round-up of what is included:
1. JUST LIKE ME! is Stanley Foo’s debut book. A simple idea, beautifully illustrated - let's help future generations make the connection and set them on the path to a kind and cruelty free, vegan life.

We all know that from an early age children instinctively love and bond with animals. This book will subtly help instill the basic vegan principle that animals are friends not food, after all...
Lambs have legs… to JUMP with.
Pigs have ears... to HEAR with.
Chickens have feet... to WALK with.
2. The Mini-Vegan ABC is a must-have book for your little ones as they start their own compassionate journeys. With simple easy-to-read text and quirky illustrations, it will charm children and adults alike.

Sensitively covering many aspects of the vegan lifestyle, this book will help parents approach ethical subjects that will boost a child’s confidence for starting school and beyond. A-Z themes include health, diet, dairy, fur, leather, activism, sanctuaries, the environment and... CAKE!
FREE! Children will love colouring in the characters from Stanley Foo’s picture book JUST LIKE ME! A simple message that will subtly instil the basic vegan principal that animals are FRIENDS NOT FOOD!

Each page contains a fun ‘Did You Know?’ animal fact!

PLUS - Colour in and create vegan posters to give to family and friends! It’s never too early for children to start spreading the vegan message and tell everyone how much they LOVE animals!
The books do not contain any products of animal origin. Inks are made with synthetic polymers as is the glue used for bindings.